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During UN security Council meeting, Fiji declared climate change an even greater threat than war.

Fiji told an oriental security meeting last week that climate change is a larger danger to the Pacific than army tensions.

“Machine guns, fighter planes, aren’t our main security concerns,” Mr. Bush stated. The single biggest danger to our very existence is climate change,” Fiji Defence Minister Inia Seruiratu declared.

He spoke at a summit in Singapore centered on China-US tensions as well as Ukraine’s conflict.

cyclones frequently ravaged Fiji along with other low lying Pacific islands.

It risks our very hopes as well as aspirations of prosperity. ” “climate change is a human set up, damaging climate change,” Seruiratu stated at the Shangri La Dialogue.

The floods brought on by tropical cyclones in Fiji have driven away a huge number of people and caused economic ruin in recent years.

The Pacific countries called on advanced industrialised nations to do far more to deal with climate change.

“Waves are crashing at our doorsteps, winds are battering our houses, we’re being assaulted from numerous angles by this adversary,’ Seruiratu said.

The greenhouse gases created by humans burning non – renewable fuels, including co2 (CO2), now are approximately 1.2C hotter than in the 19th Century.

A very easy guide to climate change a lot of attention has centered on China’s growing challenge to Western strategic interests in the Asia Pacific region.

China ratified a six – nation security agreement with the Solomon Islands in April, triggering concern in Australia, New Zealand as well as the US. It wasn’t revealed in details.

Pacific island nations haven’t yet come to a consensus on China’s suggestion for a new regional security and trade pact, with the exception of the Solomons.

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